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Updated Wood Shop

Updated: Feb 22, 2019

Everyone is so excited to help with our updated wood shop space in Connections Day Program!!! Here artists will make wooden signs with a CNC machine and rustic furniture for sale. Both opportunities will help artist who would like to learn a new skill create one-of-a-kind artwork and furniture pieces.

Although Connections Day Program provided a space for the CNC machine, the room was small. By opening up and expanding an underutilized space, the CNC area has doubled in size creating ample space for artists to work. With the addition of furniture making, artist will be able to store the needed materials and have everything on hand and ready to go for upcoming projects. Mark Roberts, head of Maintenance, and Rickey Wooldridge, have put in time to work alongside Connections clients who want to help improve the space. Together they have made the upgrades to this workable space.

A few pieces are already available online and in our lobby. Check out studiofive9.com or stop by and see us at 3620 Deahl Court in South Bend! 8-4 M-F

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