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Connections Re-opens

Updated: Aug 3, 2020


We are pleased to announce that the Connections Day Program will begin the careful process of re-opening on Monday, June 29, 2020. Upon re-opening, only one group home will attend the day program per day. This individual home approach will allow our clients to comply with the CDC established social distancing requirements while gradually reintroducing them to life outside of quarantine.

The re-opening schedule is as follows:

Mondays – Roelke

Tuesdays- Fellows

Wednesdays – Myrtle

Thursdays – Bulla

Fridays – Waiver clients

The re-opening plan is as follows: I) Instituting an employee health screening process a. The information is posted, and the staff has received educational materials about the signs and symptoms of COVID-19. If staff have flu-like symptoms or are ill, they are to stay home and notify their direct supervisor per the Pandemic Mitigat March 13ut into place on March 13th, 2020. In early May, we began requiring staff to take their temperature and document this at the beginning of each shift worked. This requirement will continue at the Day Program. ii) Employing enhanced cleaning and disinfecting protocols for the workplace, including regularly cleaning high-touch surfaces a. Per the PMP, all program area surfaces and supplies will be sanitized at least every morning before clients arrive, at break and lunchtimes, and at the end of the day. Extra sanitizing will be completed when there are signs or symptoms of illness in the area. This includes but is not limited to light switches, doors, and knobs, tech devices, toilet handles etc. iii) Enhancing the ability of employees, customers, and clients to wash hands or take other personal hygiene measures such as the use of hand sanitizer a. Per the PMP, hand sanitizer is mandatory upon entering the building. Handwashing must be completed throughout the day as well at all breaks, lunch, before leaving, and after using the facilities or using a tissue. b.There are hand sanitizer stations set up when entering the building, before entering the day program, and in the day program. Handwashing posters are posted in all restrooms and staff continue to work with clients to wash hands effectively. c.Corvilla will continue to provide all PPE needed to help reduce the risk of transmission as well as having instructions for proper use posted. iv)Complying with social distancing requirements established by the CDC a. Social distancing will be practiced by limiting the number of individuals in a space to allow for appropriate personal space. When doing personal care with individuals, proper PPE will be utilized to minimize the risk of transmission. All staff working with clients are required to wear a face mask.

Additional precautions

a. Temperatures will be taken as individuals arrive to the program and then once through the day. This will be documented, and if an individual exhibits signs or symptoms of illness, they will be isolated until which time they can return home and receive appropriate care.

b. All food will be served in a fashion that it is ready to eat (already prepared and cut into proper portions) and prohibiting food that needs to be heated. No microwave or refrigerator will be available at this time.

c. Furniture has been rearranged and altered to promote social distancing.

d. Will continue to use hospital-grade cleaning products.

e. Tracking infection rates locally to determine the immediate risk

f. Closing the lobby while individuals enter and exit the building to increase social distancing.

g. Each person served, and staff will have their designated area for personal items.

h. All community activities were suspended in March and continue to be until further notice.

i. Visitors are not permitted; all meetings are to be conducted over the phone or video conferencing.

As we work towards opening our doors slowly, we will contact families, and guardians of persons served to gauge their level of comfort to help determine return dates. As recommendations change and the information surrounding this evolving situation changes, Corvilla will make decisions that best protect the health of all they employ and serve.

Please contact Joe Paris, Director of Day Services, or Sam Kiefer, Director of Residential Services, with any questions at 574-289-9779.

Thank you,

Rick Thompson


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