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Corvilla believes people with disabilities deserve to be part of our community. Each location creates access, inclusion, and partnerships with neighbors and local businesses in St. Joseph, Elkhart, and Marshall counties.   

South Bend

3620 Deahl Ct South Bend, IN 46628

Our South Bend location offers a fun, creative learning environment for adults who have intellectual and developmental disabilities. Clients are encouraged to choose their daily activities which increase participation and build leadership skills.

front of building.jpg

Services at this Location

Recreational Activities - This program offers activities like Bingo, board games, music therapy, puzzles, and health and fitness to foster meaningful social interaction.

Vocational SkillsIndividuals work to develop skills in the areas of art, woodworking with CNC Machine, textile and sewing, gardening/horticulture, cooking, and technology. 

Community - We encourage community outings like shopping together, bowling, going to the library, and even selling art through Stuidiofive9.



135 E. University Dr. Granger, IN 46530

Located in the heart of the community, Corvilla @ Granger strives to create access, inclusion, and partnerships with neighbors and local businesses. This facility also houses our showroom, featuring quality art and furnishings designed by individuals with disabilities, giving them the opportunity to sell their work and build relationships.


Services at this Location

Careers Program - This new program offers employment opportunities in the community and at Corvilla along with skills training, providing an individualized spectrum of services to fit anyone’s needs.

Young Adult ProgramCorvilla helps those leaving high school transition into a career and live more independently. This includes employment development, life skills training, and residential support.  

Social EnterpriseOn-site job opportunities include consignment-based work in ceramics, fine art, and wood sign making.  Hourly pay opportunities are available in sales, delivery, and furniture finishing. Visit our ecommerce sites at Corvilla Furnishings and Studiofive9,or visit our Granger showroom. 


308  N. Bowen Ave. Bremen, IN 46506

This program offers services to Bremen, Nappanee, and the surrounding area. Individuals with disabilities can work to develop their vocational skills in a variety of trades. Clients also participate in community outings and are encouraged to make choices in their daily schedule.

bremen Building 2.jpg

Services at this Location

Recreational Activities - The Bremen program offers activities that create social interactions through bingo, board games, music therapy, puzzles, and health & Fitness.
Vocational SkillsClients can choose to develop skills in the areas of art, woodworking, textile and sewing, gardening/horticulture, cooking, and technology. There is also a working Kiln for ceramics.
Community - We encourage community outings to the library, shopping, bowling, and even art sales through Studiofive9.

WorkOne Elkhart

430 Waterfall Dr, Elkhart, IN 46516

Corvilla's Employment Services located at WorkOne in Elkhart offers the support clients need to find, keep, and even advance in their jobs.

Work One 3.jpg

Services at this Location

Employment Services - Corvilla's partnership with WorkOne in Elkhart  allows us to work more efficiently to help individuals with disabilities reach their goals of independence and equality in the workplace.

Supported Living Services - We provide supported living services throughout Elkhart County.

135 E. University Drive - Across from Target

Group Homes

Corvilla group homes offer a family setting and are located in neighborhoods close to shopping, restaurants, and parks.


Bulla House_edited.jpg

Services at this Location

24-Hour Care - Corvilla group homes are fully staffed 24-hours a day to provide support.  

Life SkillsEach home provides personal and living space for individuals who call this their home. In this family-like environment, everyone is encouraged to help to maintain the household through routine chores.

Cultivate Independence - Each individual has their own personal space that they can decorate according to their taste and style. They also have freedom to choose what activities they want to participate in.

Community Activities - Residents enjoy going out as a group to eat, visiting the gym, making special trips to the zoo, bowling, shopping, and much more.

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