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Embracing Differences

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

Recognizing worth and dignity in people means we see who they truly are. We notice what makes people unique and value them as a person, a friend, or a family member. It takes embracing our differences to bring respect and dignity to those we serve. At Corvilla our mission is to proved life-enhancing services to enrich the lives of individuals with disabilities while encouraging respect and dignity in the communities in which we serve. Seeing the differences and meeting those individual needs within our services, makes Corvilla special.

Meet Katie

Katie works at Martin's Supermarket. She is an absolute joy and customers love to be greeted by Katie in customer service. You can expect spunk and personality while Katie is on the job bagging groceries for customers.

Katie lives at home with her mom and dad. Her parents were concerned about life after high school. However, Corvilla Employment Services was able to help Katie make a smooth transition from high school to a job readiness. With vocational testing, job shadows, job search, and development, Corvilla was able to find the right fit for Katie. This made her parents and Katie very happy to see that life after high school would be a game changer.

"Katie's participation in Corvilla's Pre-Employment Transition Services prepared her to meet the expectations that Martin's Supermarket has for our employees to succeed on the job. Katie came prepared for the interview, has learned how to advocate for herself and continues to be a valued member of our team."

Carolynn Garthus

Martin's Supermarket Customer Service Manager

Meet Dan

Meet Dan, He loves Notre Dame and CSI. His favorite movie is the Power Rangers which he would happily watch while eating peanut butter cup ice cream. Dan is intelligent, remembers historical facts like nobody else, and recalls people's names after meeting them only once. He is a good friend to many. Below Dan is painting an egg, along with student volunteers. With the help of a painting tool, he can paint independently as, his girlfriend, Ashley holds the egg. What a team!

Dan lives in one of Corvilla's four group homes along with six other guys. They help prepare meals, have daily chores, hang out, watch movies, and even help with laundry. Dan was born with Cerebral Palsy which affect muscle tone movement and motor skills. Dan relies heavily on the services Corvilla provides and the staff who help him daily. He attends our Connections program daily where he has to opportunity to explore new opportunities. One of those areas is in the arts. Our new ways to help Dan paint and create pieces of artwork that he can later sell in our Studiofive9 online store. Check out his work at studiofive9.com

Meet Faith

Meet Faith, a very kind and loving person. She loves animals and babies, enjoys making bracelets and hats, and going to craft stores. If she could, she would love to "bring it all home", she often signs. Faith lives independently with the help of Corvilla's Supported Living. She is both hearing impaired and blind but that doesn't stop Faith from experiencing a full life. She currently works at JC Penny and loves the idea of gaining a paycheck and being independent. She is a people person who goes beyond her ability every day.

"She's unique in that she loves people and loves to teach sign language. When I first met her, I only knew the alphabet. Since then, Faith has taught me a lot. Corvilla sent me to classes, but working with Faith allows me to practice tactile sign. Faith still teaches me new signs to this day, and is patient with me as I develop my language skills."

Kaitrin Higbee

Team Leader for Corvilla's Supported Living

Faith visiting an animal shelter

"Recently we went to the animal shelter and visited with the cats and dogs. She was so happy. She's passionate about her family and her church friends. Faith loves to garden, loves plants and flowers," says Kaitrin. It is evident that Faith loves life and exploring the world around her. Kaitrin further explains, "Her kindness always amazes me."

Faith was Corvilla's first of many supported living clients. An area of Corvilla that is just beginning to grow and grow quickly.

Embracing Differences

Wouldn't life be boring if we were all the same? We each bring something new to the table and that makes life exciting. At Corvilla we embrace differences every day in the areas of service that we provide for individuals with disabilities. With our Connections program, Employment Services, Supported Living, and Group Homes, we are able to meet the individual needs of each client who enters our doors and desires a full life. We can give them that! Learn more at corvilla.org

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