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Abby Reaches Employment Goals Despite Obstacles

Author Bio: Abby Gallegos is visually impaired and worked with Corvilla’s Employment Services to achieve her career goals. Abby is a changemaker, impacting her community with her determination and service.

For years I have struggled with some complicated health issues. But, despite that, my dream was to become a massage therapist. Fortunately, I found a massage therapy school that was willing to accommodate my disabilities and has been extremely supportive throughout my schooling. In April 2022 I graduated and recently passed my state board licensing exam. I have a job offer of managing one of the school locations and assisting with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance and sales.

I also teach English to Spanish-speaking adults at Ivy Tech, beginning my third session this month. I enjoy teaching and get great fulfillment watching adults learn a new language.

Despite the challenges that my disability has presented me with, I have been able to fulfill my dream of being a massage therapist. By surrounding myself with a supportive and encouraging team and lots of self-determination, there was nothing that I couldn’t achieve.

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