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Annual Disability Awareness Luncheon

Corvilla is so proud of our six individuals recognized at the St. Joseph County 32nd Annual Disability Awareness Luncheon.

Front Row: Whitney Lechtanski with Tanglewood Trace, 15 years, Robert Rist with Domino’s Pizza, 10 years, Kim Colt with Walmart, 13 years.

Back row: Cedric Rwanazi with Primrose Retirement Community, Steven Yuan with South Bend Chocolate Co., Johnathan Wilson with Walmart, 10 years.

Corvilla's Employment Services help pave an individual's path to successful employment. Our employment services department is here to help individuals who want to get back into the workforce or maybe enter it for the first time.

We support and encourage independence and responsibility. Our goal is to match our clients with long-term employment. Our team has more than 20 members and we cover all backgrounds, fields, and jobs.

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