Change and Growth for Corvilla


Corvilla has changed a lot in the last year. We recently redeveloped our logo to truly reflect our values, history and future. The darker greens on the logo represent the rich history of Corvilla and the lighter greens represent new growth. When the colors are blended together, you get a beautiful bloom.  

The biggest news is that we purchased a new building! Our new 12,000 square foot building is sitting on 15+ acres of wooded land that will serve as a beautiful campus for years to come. Located at 3620 Deahl Court in South Bend, the building will house the administrative offices but will also provide much-needed programming space. We just moved in and will be hosting an open house soon, so keep your eye out for that information!

Yes, there is a lot going on, but Corvilla is well positioned to grow due to the involvement and support of our Board of Directors, community volunteers, parents, staff and donors. They provide the strength, faith and direction that help us move forward.