Supported Living Services supports individuals with disabilities living in their own home who are on the Medicaid Waiver. This could be in a living situation shared with up to three other roommates, living alone or supporting those living with family caregivers. Corvilla provides the level of assistance you need. This could mean around the clock care or just stopping by weekly to help with shopping or bill paying. Supported Living services helps people live as independently and safely in their community as possible. We help people became more independent in self-care, food preparation and other daily living skills. We also assist people in connecting with their community, providing support in shopping, recreational activities, religious events and much more.


Corvilla is now an approved provider for Medicaid Waiver funded Supported Living and Day Services. We are very excited to offer people with disabilities more choices as we continue to grow and develop programs to meet the needs of the community. By offering Medicaid Waiver here at Corvilla we can help you transition your loved one into a fulfilling and independent life.

To learn more information about how to get a waiver in Indiana, please contact Don Wierenga, Director of Operations, at or follow the links below that explain in detail the two programs Indiana offers for children and adults with intellectual disabilities.

Community Integration and Habilitation Waiver

If you need help applying for the Medicaid Waiver you can contact the District 2 BDDS office through the link below.

District 2 BDDS

Don Wierenga
Director of Operations