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Yum! See What's Cookin!

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

Pre-Employment Transition Services, known as PreETS, spent time shopping for and preparing a meal in a fun cooking class!

Let's go Shopping!

Our Corvilla PreETS students met at River Valley Church last week to make tacos and fruit kebabs. On Monday, June 28th, the students made a quick shopping trip to Martin’s Supermarket to purchase ingredients for tacos and fruit kebabs. They made a list of things they needed prior to the trip and after picking the food items and paying, they stored them in the fridge for the next week.

Happy Kebab and Taco Friday!!

On Friday, July 2nd, the students and staff met at River Valley Church, and the students were taught how to make fruit kebabs and tacos. For the kebabs, the students used fresh strawberries, pineapple, and green grapes. Each student was given a plate with three long sticks and a plastic knife. We used all of the fruit and the sticks and put them in the fridge. Up next, cooking the taco meat. Two students cooked up the ground beef while everyone else worked on preparing the trays for the filling, sauces, and soft/hard shells. After everyone prepared everything, we all sat down in the lounge area and enjoyed, not only the tacos but the fact that everyone did the work as a team.

Life Skills Equal Independence

Overall, the life skills being taught over the course of the week were following lists/instructions and cooking. Organizing/making lists and cooking are both acts of independence. List-making shows that you are thinking for yourself and knowing what you need to purchase and what steps to take in the kitchen. For cooking, it shows that you are capable of following precise instructions and feeding yourself. Both of these things also show that you are in charge of something that is your own. Not only would you be able to feed yourself, but others who choose to join you at the dinner table and eat what you have created.

Written by LaVoughn Machowiak, Employment Service Specialist

Edited by Maria Guevara, Communications and Media Specialist

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