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We Are Family

Updated: Feb 22, 2019

Stephanie and Mark cooking a spaghetti dinner at the Bulla house.

At Corvilla, we are family, and that starts with our leadership. Mark Roberts, our Maintenance Manager, goes above and beyond to show he cares. Without being asked, he stayed late last week at our Bulla House to help make a spaghetti dinner.

Each evening, like clockwork, the ladies at the Bulla house and their staff make dinner. Sitting down as a family and eating together is essential for so many people everywhere. This is when relationships are formed, funny stories are told, and everyone can catch up on each others day. It is the same in our four Corvilla group homes. Bulla group home houses eight ladies who live there full time and are supported by staff 24/7. They know Mark because he often visits that houses for regular maintenance repairs and he also know many clients from our Connections Day Program. It is not unusual for Mark to step in and help even if his job description says otherwise. He is often available to lend a helping hand. So proud of our leadership here at Corvilla! Mark, and others like him, understand that as a family, we support each other as we support those individuals with disabilities on a daily bases.

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