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Stop by and see what opportunities we have for you.

The current employee shortage has created a crisis for people with disabilities in our community who require daily living assistance. Volunteers and paid relief staff are urgently needed to fill the gap and help those who have the greatest needs. As a result, Corvilla, a non-profit organization serving people with disabilities in Michiana since 1959, is seeking new employees to help provide relief in these areas. Corvilla serves 28 people in four group homes throughout St. Joseph County. We also have Supported Living sites that need paid relief for individuals living independently in their homes. There are many opportunities to help. You may find that this is the career you have always wanted.

Paid relief staff (our greatest need), training provided, 4-8 hour shifts.

Volunteers to help prepare meals, clean, or do activities with people.

If you can help please contact Lisa Kay at:

574-289-9779 Office

574-361-4007 Cell (evenings & weekends)


Together we can make a BIG difference in the people we serve.

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