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Notre Dame Alumni Camp 2018

Corvilla welcomed three groups of volunteers this summer from the Notre Dame Alumni Camp.

Each summer Corvilla is pleased to welcome volunteer families from the Notre Dame Family Alumni Camp. Notre Dame runs a family camp experience on three different weekends in the month of July. Families travel from all over the country to participate in this unique camp experience.

On day one, four families from the Notre Dame Family Volunteer Camp spent the morning at Corvilla's Fellows Group Home cleaning the kitchens, lining the cabinets, watering plants, planting flowers, and other helpful projects around the house. We are so grateful for their time and energy along with their smiles and kindness shown towards our clients. After their hard work, the group traveled south to join clients in an afternoon of fun riding rides and eating a picnic lunch under the much needed shaded pavilion.

How beautiful a day can be when kindness touches it! ― George Elliston

Our second day of volunteers from the Notre Dame Family Volunteer Camp spent the morning at our Roelke Group Home renovating the gazebo and front porch. We are so incredibly thankful for the compassion, joy, and awareness they shared with us during their time with our Corvilla family!

Our volunteers are integral to the mission of Corvilla. They help Mark, our Maintenance Manager, with tasks that can be knocked out in a day but may need all hands on deck to get it done. Volunteers like these make that happen.

Our last group of families from the Notre Dame Volunteer Camp spent the day washing the windows and mulching the garden beds at our Corporate Office and Day Program. Everything looks so clean and sunny now! We are so thankful for their dedication and kind spirits! Afterwards, the families joined the clients and staff in our Day Program for a much needed ice cream social!

Our volunteers are at the heart of Corvilla. Their compassion and willingness to help our community inspires us everyday.

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