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Community Art Gallery

Corvilla will be hosting a Princess McIllwain in our Community Art Gallery that is part of our new building located at 135 E. University Dr. Granger Indiana. We are excited to host community artists and further our bond to the community.

Join us for McIllwain's Artist Reception on February 5th, 2:30-5:30 where you can meet the artist in person while viewing her work.

Did you know that our area has a new Community Art Gallery in the heart of Granger?j Corvilla is so happy to announce that we will be hosting several artists throughout the year showcasing their best works of art right here in Granger. Be sure to stop by and see what all of the excitement is about.

Princess says, "I find much inspiration in nature, other artists, reading, travel, reuse of trash/recycling, upcycling, and music. I love to play with patterns and let the lines and colors merge into something. I don’t always have a direction but I am learning to be ok with that. It’s scary to let your guard down and open your heart, but I’m practicing and hope to get better at it with every piece I make."

Examples of Princess Artwork:

Princess' Contact information:

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