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Annual Disability Awareness Luncheon

Mayor Pete Buttigieg

Corvilla was proud to be represented today at the St. Joseph County 30th Annual Disability Awareness Luncheon at the South Bend Century Center. Several of our Corvilla consumers were recognized along with their employers, for their employment achievements. We are so proud of them, the companies they represent, and the positive work ethic they bring to each of their workplaces and community. Mayor Pete Buttigieg was present along with guest speaker Joseph Lee Wingo who spoke about his personal challenges with his disability.

Guest speaker Joseph Lee Wingo

Taylor, Corvilla Employment Services, and Martin, a Corvilla Employment Services Consumer, who works for Walmart

Austin, a Corvilla Employment Services Consumer, and Amy representing Downtown South Bend

Brandy, a Corvilla Employment Services Consumer, who works at Sky Zone Trampoline Park pictured with her manager.

Ryan, a Corvilla Employment Services Consumer who works for Wellbrook, Guest Speaker Joseph Lee Wingo, and Ryan's supervisor from Wellbrook.

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