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Director of Residential Services


The Director of Residential Services oversees all aspects of Corvilla’s Supervised Group Living (SGL) and Supported Living (SL) programs including quality assurance, development, licensure and expansion.


· Provide overall leadership and direction of Corvilla’s residential programs.

· Meet Qualified Intellectual Disabilities Professional (QIDP) position requirements and serve as QIDP/Program Manager as needed for SGL and SL sites.

· Monitor compliance with SGL and SL (Medicaid Waiver) standards. Assure compliance with all regulatory entities including FSSA/BDDS, CARF, DOL and CMS.

· Participates in interdisciplinary process and provide program and staff development as needs are identified.

· Supervises SGL QIDP(s) and SL Program Manager(s) or Site Managers.

· Maintain occupancy of SGL homes and coordinate roommates for SL sites as needed, minimize vacancies.

· Implement a plan to expand Corvilla’s residential services with a focus on quality programs and ongoing support.

· Participate as an active member of Corvilla’s Management Team.

· Promote a positive and supportive working environment.

· Work closely with RN and LPN to ensure compliance and best practices related to medications and client health.

· Work closely with the Human Resources department in recruiting the best possible candidates for all residential positions and ensuring required training is completed.

· Communicate with the interdisciplinary team, co-workers, professionals and community persons in a positive and professional manner, supportive of Corvilla and those we serve.

· Attend in-service trainings and workshops to improve overall programmatic communication and professional skills. Keep up to date on all rules and regulations that affect Corvilla.

· In all work-related activities, know and uphold Corvilla’s mission and philosophy.

· Attend home meetings and give input as appropriate.

· Serve as a member of the Human Rights Committee, attend meetings and give input.

· Conduct and coordinate trainings for staff to address areas of needed improvement.

· Complete monthly residential services reports for management team.


· Must demonstrate a commitment to the principles of normalization, dignity of risk, non-aversive training techniques, and community integration.

· Must demonstrate strong organizational skills, the ability to complete tasks against deadlines, and the ability to work independently with minimum supervision.

· Must demonstrate strong communication skills.

· Must be flexible and demonstrate the ability to work within a rapidly growing and changing field.

· Must understand applicable regulations and guidelines.

· Must promote an atmosphere of growth in each group home and develop positive growth-oriented relationships with each resident.

· Must work well as a team member and must promote an atmosphere of cooperation in the interdisciplinary team functions.


This is a full-time position based upon 40 hours per week. Specific hours of work will be flexible according to the needs of the agency and the individuals served.


Bachelor’s degree in related field and a minimum of two years' experience working with persons with developmental disabilities. Supervisory experience required.

Job Types: Full-time

Pay: $58,000.00 - $60,000.00 per year

Expected hours: 40 per week


● 401(k)

● 401(k) matching

● Dental insurance

● Health insurance

● Life insurance

● Paid time off

● Vision insurance


● 8 hour shift

● Evening shift

● Monday to Friday

● Night shift

● On call

● Weekends as needed

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