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Qualified Intellectual Disabilities Professional (QIDP)

South Bend, Indiana

Do you desire to have a job that makes you feel great knowing that every day, you're making someone's life better?


The QIDP coordinates all aspects of agency quality assurance including program monitoring and assuring compliance with SGL licensure standards. Participates in interdisciplinary processes and provides staff training as needs are identified.


Specific Areas of Responsibility:

  • Monitor to insure timely referrals and completion of diagnostics in preparation for annual individual program plan.

  • Ensure timely completion of internal assessments and inclusion of staff and residents in developing residential goals.

  • Ensure that, based on IDT recommendations, the annual program plan is formulated and that it is implemented within 30 days of the annual staffing.  This implementation includes assurance that staff are trained and that a copy of the plan is provided to the group home.

  • Conduct a monthly review of each resident’s program and monitor for timely completion of all documentation related to the program.  This is to insure the delivery of services in accordance with the IPP.  Assess the residents’ response to training services and recommend modifications to training or service delivery as needed (especially if there is little to no progress or staff inconsistency).  Assure that residents participate in community outings and activities and that activities are appropriate and individualized in respect to resident choice.

  • Visit each home at least two times per month and complete an active treatment checklist, which includes assessment of staff interaction with residents, individual levels of participation in activities, behavioral concerns, and review of data collection records.

  • Visit each resident in his or her day program a minimum of once each month to assess provisions of active treatment in that setting.

  • Give positive feedback through the home managers and other professional staff to compliment staff for achievements during the monitoring period.  Give corrective suggestions similarly for deficiencies noted during the monthly monitoring.

  • Communicate with the interdisciplinary team, co-workers, professionals, and community persons in a manner supportive of Corvilla.

  • Monitor to ensure that referrals are made in response to the IDT’s medical and therapeutic recommendations, and further ensure that follow-up on these referrals has been done.

  • Attend in-service training and workshops to improve overall programmatic communication and professional skills.  Keep up to date on all rules and regulations that affect Corvilla.

  • In all work-related activities, know and uphold Corvilla’s mission and philosophy.

  • Attend home meetings and give input as appropriate.

  • Serve as a member of the Human Rights Committee, attend meetings and give input.

Performance Standards

  • Must demonstrate a commitment to the principles of normalization, dignity of risk, non-aversive training techniques, and community integrations.

  • Must demonstrate strong organizational skills, the ability to complete tasks against deadlines, and the ability to work independently with minimum supervision.

  • Must demonstrate strong communication skills.

  • Must be flexible and demonstrate the ability to work within a rapidly growing and changing field.

  • Must understand applicable regulations and guidelines.

  • Must promote an atmosphere of growth in each group home and develop positive growth-oriented relationships with each resident.

  • Must work well as a team member and must promote an atmosphere of cooperation in the interdisciplinary team functions.

Hours of Duty:

This is a full-time position based upon 40 hours per week. Specific hours of work will be flexible according to the needs of the agency and the individuals served.

Reports To:

Director of Residential Serices


Position Requirements:

Appropriate college degree and a minimum of two years’ experience working with persons with developmental disabilities.  Supervisory experience helpful but not required. Requires CPR/First Aid and Mandt certifications and ability to lift up to 50 lbs.

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