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Scheduling/Activities Coordinator

Granger and South Bend, Indiana

Do you desire to have a job that makes you feel great knowing that every day, you're making someone's life better?


To work under the Director of Residential Services to create, organize, and assign Direct Support Professional’s schedules at individual Group Homes and Supported Living Homes.  Work with Group Home/Supported Living Managers and Team Leaders to determine shifts that will need to be filled.  Develop and plan activities, outings, and events for Group Homes and Supported Living. Oversee Respite and Participant Assistance and Care (PAC) services program and staff.  Work with the art coordinator for administrative oversight and project responsibilities to be completed.  



  • Create, organize and manage all residential and respite staffing schedules

  • Fill Open Shifts at Group/Supported Living Homes

  • Update and share Group Home/Supported Living Schedules with Managers, Team Leaders, QIDP, and Director of Residential Services.

  • Handle all requested staff schedule changes

  • Work with Recruiting Specialist to set-up schedules for new DSPs in Group/Supported Living Homes

  • Track cross training of DSP’s 

  • General filing for QIDP(s) and Director of Residential Services

  • Communicate information regarding schedules with Managers and Team Leaders

  • Develop and plan activities, weekly, for Group Home, Supported Living and Respite Services

  • Assist to develop and implement On-Call schedule for residential services

  • All other responsibilities as assigned

Studio 59 

  • Assist with inventory of consumer artwork

  • Online maintenance of consumer artwork

  • Assist Art Coordinator with ceramics preparation, maintaining ongoing projects, CNC formatting, special events and festivals

The purpose of this job description is to outline some of the essential duties of this position.  It is not an employment contract and is not intended to create contractual obligations of any kind.  Your signature below acknowledges that you have read and understood this job description and are physically capable of carrying out the responsibilities as outlined.

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