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Registered Nurse

South Bend, Indiana

Part-time, 15 hours per week.




  • Provide healthcare and wellness coordination for individuals in accordance with all state and federal regulations.

  • Nurse to function as liaison and advocate for individuals’ healthcare with all members of individual medical and interdisciplinary teams.

  • Advocate for client’s wellbeing and inclusion.

  • Administer medications and provide documentation as well as oversee and monitor staff members who administer medications.

  • Provide prescribed medical treatment by physician’s orders and personal care services.

  • Train unlicensed staff on medication administration, delegated tasks, treatment protocols, and monitoring

  • Implement and train employees on new and revised health related policies and procedures

  • Participate in and attend assigned medical individuals’ appointments (as directed), individual specific, nurse, departmental, and other meetings as required.

  • Manage transitions of care to and from hospitals, nursing homes, rehab facilities or other agencies

  • Registered Nurse to oversee pharmacy and medication needs

  • Maintain health-related records, complete documentation and assessments

  • Develop and update individual specific health risk plans to ensure appropriate medical care for assigned individuals

  • RN to develop long-term relationships with individuals served

  • Provide staff training to meet the healthcare needs of individuals served

  • Provide client and staff education, including infection control practices, hygiene, medication side effects and actions, and medication administration and compliance.

  • Provide client diabetic care and education.

  • On-Call Responsibilities


REPORTS TO          Director of Residential Services



RN License and 2 years practical experience required.  Excellent verbal and written communication skills and previous supervisory experience.  Driver’s license, good driving record, auto insurance meeting Corvilla’s coverage requirements, and reliable transportation is required.  Bending walking and stooping, as well as lifting up to 50 pounds to assist clients as needed. CPR/1st Aid & Mandt certifications required.   


The purpose of this job description is to outline some of the essential duties of this position.  It is not an employment contract and is not intended to create contractual obligations of any kind.  Your signature below acknowledges that you have read and understand this job description and are physically capable of carrying out the responsibilities as outlined.


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