brandon's story...

Early one morning you are driving to drop your two small children off at day care on your way to work. You are less than a mile from your home, a distance that offers a certain feeling of safety. As you approach a driveway, you notice that a dump truck is turning around and backing up. The driver does not see you, continuing toward your car. The unthinkable happens as the truck crashes into the side of your car and the tailgate crashes through the window, into your toddlers head.
Your son suffers a Traumatic Brain Injury. His life is forever changed. As he grows up, there seems to be little hope for him past high school. Working as an adult does not seem possible. No one ever thinks something like this could happen to them. But this is reality for one man, Brandon, and his family. Then people came along who believed Brandon could work. They formulated a plan that enabled Brandon to follow a series of steps on an app using a tablet. The tablet helps Brandon complete his job responsibilities at Data Realty’s state of the art data center. Brandon feels like he has a purpose and great self-worth. He is valued by his co-workers and looks forward to going to work each day. Corvilla makes this possible every day for people just like Brandon. 
You can help someone just like Brandon